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  • Gain access to the entire C.S.E.C. (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) and C.A.P.E. (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination) portfolio.
  • Access anywhere or anytime at your convenience on a wireless local area network (WLAN).
  • Perfect for private, public and homeschool students.
  • Content includes videos, multiple choice and documents (based on the discretion of the lecturer).
  • Earn badges after fulfilling various achievements.
  • Suitable for all ages capable of literacy and arithmetic.
  • Affordable for the rich and even the poor.
  • Design your own profile page.
  • Message friends without the distractions of advertisement.
  • Got a burning question? Feel free to contact a lecturer at anytime.
  • Research and Development (R+D) is integrated into our infrastructure to fuel growth and product evolution.
  • Always open to suggestions to identify avenues for improvement. Your satisfaction is our priority. You speak, we listen.